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Our Capabilities from Development, Tooling and Services

We offer our guarantee that your extrusion will be to the blueprint specifications.


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Extrusions Begin with the Design Process

Our development process involves multiple steps, with customers involved at every stage. Many factors are involved, and we never reverse engineer any design a customer brings to the project. We work with all the specs our customers provide, including color matching to a sample or a Pantone color.

Next, we examine a blueprint in any format all the way down to a hand drawing of the extrusion profile. Then we evaluate and discuss with the customer any concerns we have with the design. At this point, we offer a quote.

All customers sign off on this document before we proceed any further.

Extrusions Enter Tooling Stage

If a customer is unable to provide a blueprint, we will create a CAD drawing of the extrusion profile for the customers approval.  We continue the process by entering the tooling design stage involving electrical discharge machining (EDM) and computer numerical control (CNC) cutting. With all these elements in place, we sample the part for approval.

If a customer has an idea for an extrusion and we have an idea for what will work, we are capable of having a 3D printed model created to address design and functionality. This is a very cost-effective option. While it doesn’t replace an extrusion, it’s an excellent advanced method to place a part in a customer’s hand.

Laser Encoding Your Extrusions

If a customer wants to take advantage of our unique ability to laser encode a logo, part number, date, shift along with any other information on the extrusion, we are happy to make that part of the production process. This technology has an appealing outcome. We can make a sample video of the result and send it to a customer for approval before full production begins.

Packaging of Extrusion Products

We offer a turnkey approach for all your packaging and shipping needs, should a third-party drop be necessary. Labels contain only your information and none of ours, preserving your exclusive identity. The labels also feature necessary bar codes and your logo. Customers approve the label design before printing begins.

Secondary Work Offers Additional Customer Services

Some of our secondary work includes special packaging where parts may need to be packaged and sealed in bags, as often occurs in the many applications.

We also offer:

  • Drilling
  • Beveling
  • Bending
  • Angle Cutting
  • Corner Splicing
  • Vulcanized Endless Splicing

No two projects are ever identical, and for that reason, among many others, we maintain customer involvement from start to finish. Customers are assured that we are always able to address any concerns along the way. Customer satisfaction always has been and always will be our top priority.

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