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Complete Custom Plastic Extrusion Process

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Customized Plastic Extrusions Meeting Your Complex Project Requirements

Middlefield Plastics custom plastic extrusion process involves meeting the often-complex requirements associated with our customers’ projects and materials. We are fully capable of collaborating on design elements and we can meet extruding specifications from 1/8” lengths to coiled spools with capabilities of 20+-cavity molds. Our co-extrusion engineering process can accommodate both rigid and flexible profiles. Customers rely on our expertise throughout each stage of development.

Due to our use of the latest technology, customers realize tremendous cost savings in the production process. Also, with our long-tenured employees – many with more than 25+ years spent in our company - the skill, knowledge and experience levels are guaranteed.

Complete Manufacturing Capabilities for Your Custom Plastic Extrusion Needs

Our customers understand that we are a custom plastic extrusion manufacturer and none of our parts are off the shelf. We provide great attention to detail, with very part-specific engineering. Our custom capabilities extend from providing expansion joints, cross heading and individual tubing sizes, as well as fluted tubing with PSA applied to fabrications.

Other notable capabilities are die punching, routering, drilling, deburring, bending, forming, belling and beveling. We can streamline tooling and create angles with outstanding results in structural integrity.

If a profile ever happens to be too large for our equipment, we can redesign a version composed of two parts that snap together seamlessly. This is a cost-effective measure and does not compromise the integrity of the extrusion in any way.

Our Tooling Design Staff at Middlefield Plastics Help
with the Customization Process

During the design stage, customers might not realize what will work and what won’t. We specialize in every aspect of the plastic extrusion process, so you can count on us to anticipate and solve problems. We have extensive experience in the field and have witnessed first-hand the successes and failures of various fabrications and structural designs.

Our staff is very happy to offer input along your journey from product inception to its end result. The truth most often lies in the tooling design, and that’s where we can save customers time and expense. Our real-world knowledge makes a big difference for our customers.

One benefit to working with Middlefield Plastics is the fact that we can set up a test environment to imitate those real-world circumstances. We can show where a problem might exist, then we can solve it.

Value Added Packaging

If your application requires, we can place your extrusion(s) in individual, vacuum-sealed bags with labels identifying unique contents within each order.

This is an extra value-added service we provide.

All packaging is labeled and barcoded with proper detailing so there is no confusion when your extrusions arrive at yours or your customers facility.

Laser Encoding Enables Further Value Added Customization

If you are interested in having your company name on every part in your order, we can address that need. We also are skilled at placing your company logo on the surface, as well as the part number and the UL listing.

We appreciate the competitiveness of some industries, so having your identity clearly visible is a key component of branding and marketing your products.

For parts that will exist outdoors and face the elements, this is an excellent option to keep your information visible and legible.

With an Aim to Exceed Requirements, We Provide High Quality Assurance in Our Extrusion Process

We batch test parts as they are manufactured, so clients can rest assured that the quality of their custom plastic extrusion has been maintained throughout their entire order. If desired, we can test fit extrusions to their mating parts verifying there is a proper fit.

Color matching and maintaining color consistency also are integral to the customization process.

A Few of Our Custom Extrusions We Proudly Produce


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